How does Cyberdyne Hire?

Details on the hiring process for engineers at Cyberdyne

Our hiring process takes three weeks from start to finish. We respond to all applications within 3 business days. If we are interested we will schedule a call with HR to talk to you about your experiences and tell you more about the company. If you are ready to move forward you will do three onsite interviews.

The first interview will look at your technical abilities and we will do some real time pair programming work in your field. For robotics we will show you some of the challenges we are facing and play with some possible solutions.

The second interview will be with the CTO and your manager and give you the chance to ask questions about the direction of the company, your team, and the work you would be doing.

The third interview is with the team you would be working with and is done over lunch. We want you to meet the people you would be working with and talk with them informally. After the 3rd interview we will make an offer within 5 business days.

Hiring Practices
  • Real Time Coding Tests
  • Real Problem & Solutions Testsg
  • Take Home Exercises
  • White Board Exercises

Hiring Q&A

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