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Cutting Edge Tech, Steady Pace, Cross Department Teams, Traditional Schedule, No Failure Stigma, Engineering Focus, Experienced Leadership,


Cutting Edge Tech

5 Employee Reports

We are marrying AI and robotics into an amazing platform.

We are working with the latest robotics technology available and developing a cutting edge AI to drive it. The things we are doing will astound you and we are lightyears ahead of the industry and our competition. We need engineers who don’t ask questions about where this technology came from or if we found a time traveling robot crushed in our machinery in the 1980s. We need engineers willing to push our understanding of robotics and software to their utter limits. We hope you can join us in building an exciting future!

What does the team say?

“The tech I get to play with is unreal!!! Sometimes I feel like someone sent it back to us from the future and we are just trying to deconstruct it, but that isn’t possible right?”

Mike J.
Senior Robotics Engineer

“I love AI and we get to build the most amazing things here. Sure AI is new, but my hope is that we use it in military applications, maybe something that controls missile systems.”

Amelia B.
Senior AI Engineer

“I work mainly on the camera systems for our products and the technology is amazing. The things I am doing with heat sensors is far ahead of the work I was doing for the military.”

Robin H.
Senior Computer Vision Engineer

“A month ago the company sent me to a big conference on telemetry technology and I learned so much. I am working on the latest and the greatest and love working here.”

Fritz M.
Senior Robotics Engineer

“The technology we are using is state of the art and it is so much fun. The people I work with are so smart and it makes the work a blast.”

Susan C. .
Senior Developer

Steady Pace

1 Employee Report

“I love that I am home every night by 6pm and that the company is doing amazing things but not moving at an insane pace.” - Mike B. Principal AI Researcher

We are pushing the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence and we want to move at a steady pace. We don’t want our people getting burned out and we want everyone to be rested and well. In our opinion well rested engineers make cognitive leaps that we need to drive AI and robotics advances. We put a lot of time and energy into proper documentation, testing, and ensuring that our teams work together.

What does the team say?

“It is so clear this company wants me to do my best work here. Sometimes we burn the midnight oil when we are excited and discover something new, but my manager always makes sure that it doesn't go for too many nights.”

Mary B.
Principal AI Researcher

Cross Department Teams

2 Employee Reports

Advances don’t happen in a vacuum.

We are marrying AI and robotics and that requires heavy levels of collaboration between teams. We have a heavy meeting load but they are meetings where you will be exposed to both hardware and software and work with incredible people in both areas. This is not a place where you will be working in a corner by yourself, you will be introduced to new ideas, have your ideas challenged, and be expected to teach and collaborate with others.

Man at computer
Busy office full of people
What does the team say?

“I feel like I am back in college and having a fire hose of knowledge sent into me. I am learning so much and in areas that I didn’t even know about. Fantastic!”

Michael S.
Senior AI Engineer

“I love learning and this is the best place to be. I spent a few hours each day working across departments and the breakthroughs we have made together have been ground breaking. I was nervous about all the meetings when I started but now I see how valuable they are to our mission.”

Fred F.
Senior Processor Design Engineer

Synchronous Schedule

4 Employee Reports

We work collaboratively so we work at roughly the same times.

We want to make HUGE advances and that requires us to find the 99 things that don’t work. There is no stigma around failing and we want you to try everything you can imagine. We reward failures in a weekly group ceremony and we give cash bonuses to the three best ideas that failed (as voted by the team). This is a place to push the boundaries and we want to reward exploration.

Busy office full of people working at computers
What does the team say?

“They are serious about not staying late. Everyday at 6 pm we all head home and the security guards lock everything up tight. Heck, you need a senior researcher keycard just to access the vaults.”

Terrance S.
Junior Robotics Engineer

“I love the set schedule because I know that if I hit a roadblock I can talk to my manager or co-workers and get it resolved. I’ve worked at some places with a super flexible schedule and it was hard to resolve some blockers sometimes.”

Kaya M.
Systems Engineer

“I enjoy the work life balance and being able to have dinner with my family every night.”

Donald G.
Senior Developer

No Failure Stigma

2 Employee Reports

HUGE advances take big risks.

We want to make HUGE advances and that requires us to find the 99 things that don’t work. There is no stigma around failing and we want you to try everything you can imagine. We reward failures in a weekly group ceremony and we give cash bonuses to the three best ideas that failed (as voted by the team). This is a place to push the boundaries and we want to reward exploration.

Golden trophy
What does the team say?

“I had an idea for how to advance neural pathways 100x. It didn’t work but it did lead to some advances in our embedded technology and the company recognized me for the failure and I got a $500 cash bonus for taking a chance. ”

Emma D.
Senior AI Researcher

“I’ve never felt that I couldn’t try something wild and crazy here. I haven’t been voted failure of the week yet, but I keep trying and we keep advancing our tech at a crazy pace.”

Mohammad A.
Senior Processor Design Engineer

Engineering Focus

3 of our 4 founders are engineers. We are engineering driven.

Three of our four founders are engineers and our company is engineering driven. Everything we do is about technology and advancing our AI and Robotics programs to create the future. When we find a challenge we first ask, how can we fix this or make it better, only after that do we find a way to drive revenue from it. This methodology has driven some incredible advances.


Experienced Leadership

3 Employee Reports

50+ years of building and growing tech companies.

Our leadership is incredibly experienced and comes from military, intelligence, and technology backgrounds. Our CTO is a former 4 star general and she knows how important it is to build an organization that supports its engineers. We spend a lot of time and energy training our managers. Each manager and member of our management team does a minimum of 40 hours of servant leadership training a year.

Man wearing glasses
Man wearing glasses
Man wearing glasses
World war 1 dude
What does the team say?

“I can focus entirely on our robotics research and everything just runs smooth as silk.”

Miles D.
Lead Robotics Researcher

“This company is very well run and our CTO is approachable with any problem.”

Yal D.
Senior Robotics Technician.

“The best managers I’ve ever worked with. They support us and I love the servant leadership mentality.”

Wendy L.
SPrincipal Robotics Engineer

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