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When making a career move, it can be challenging to know whether a company is a good match for your skills, your talents, and your personality. Electric wants to help you become more certain. By showing you how we hire and how we work, you’ll see our culture and learn what it’s like to be a part of our engineering team. If you have questions along the way, let us answer them for you.

Based out of New York City, Electric's Product & Engineering team has 80 members, spread across the U.S. and Latin America.

Mostly Remote

Our Team's WorkDNA

  • 1
    Personal & Professional Growth
  • 2
    Best Technical Practices
  • 3
    Challenging & Interesting Work
  • 4
    A Voice In Product Decisions
  • 5
    A Culture Of Inclusion & Diversity
  • 6
    A High Level Of Autonomy
  • 7
    Promotes From Within

Personal growth is a cornerstone of our culture, and something we care deeply about. We want your time at Electric to advance your skills and career as much as possible. Here’s how we bake this into our culture:

  • Personal Goals - we think about each person’s career goals, strength, and interest, and create opportunities for folks to work on what interests them. We place engineers in the pods that best fit their goals and inspirations, and have a proven record of promoting from within.
  • Collaborative Culture - Our product and engineering teams are joined at the hip, and you are going to be exposed to everything. We don’t silo our people or teams.
  • High Autonomy - The best person to manage you is you! We don’t micromanage or get in your way.
  • Learning - Need to go to a conference? Let’s define goals together, facilitate it for you, and you can come back and teach us what you learned + lead the change for us! Need a book? Just ask!
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What is our work schedule?

Autonomy is one of our core values. Accordingly, we trust you to use our flexible schedule to manage your own time. Instead of micromanaging and throwing up a lot of controls, we want you to create the environment you need to do your best work.

Our team is located all over the U.S. and in Latin America. Many employees are fully remote, and some who are local to NYC choose to utilize the office in some capacity. There is no obligation to show up at the office whether you live in NYC or not.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Unlimited PTO
  • $300 WFH Stipend
  • $250 Parent Stipend
  • Mental Health Days
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What are our engineers working on?

As a frontend engineer, what are the primary focuses or challenges the teams are facing and what technology am I working with?

We run cross collaboration teams, so here is a snapshot from three of our frontend teams working in different areas.

Team 1: Our primary goal this year is to mature our micro-frontend infrastructure. We're building a component library on top of a shiny new design system. Storybook is the foundation for our FE design system. We're playing some of our BFF (BE For FE) with GraphQL. We're paying extra attention to performance and stability, and building observability and automation with DataDog and Cypress. We rely heavily on React and have little to no FE legacy codebase.

Team 2: We'll be looking to improve our UX across the Platform, and continue adding value to the platform by exchanging manual work we've been doing for our customers with platform functionality.

Team 3: We're expanding and improving our home-brewed RTS software so it can provide help desk functionality as well as specialized IT-related UX.

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • SQL
Frameworks, libraries, and tools
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Serverless
  • AWS
  • GraphQL
  • Heroku
  • PostgreSQL
  • DynamoDB
  • Redshift
  • Redis
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • Terraform
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How do we hire?

Because we understand the value of your time, we keep our hiring process simple. Our focus is on understanding how you think and collaborate, as well as how your past experience might contribute to the future success of our team. A typical hiring process takes about three weeks.

We start with a 30 minute HR phone screen to understand your background and interests, and answer your questions. From there, we move on to a technical phone screen, followed by a 4-hour on-site where you’ll get to know the team, and collaborate on some software design and coding problems. Expect to spend some time at a whiteboard, but no need to cram on algorithms and data structures beforehand.

Hiring Timeline
  • 3 Weeks.
  • 1 HR Phone Screen (30 Min)
  • 1 Technical Phone Screen (30 Min)
  • 1 Onsite Session (3-4 Hours)
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